Dried Hardwood Logs

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Retail and Wholesale business

The Leading Supplier of premier Dried Hardwood Logs and R U F Wood Briquettes.

Retail and Wholesale business.

Based in Dunboyne Co . Meath.

We deliver to Domestic and Business customers.

Wholesalers-Pubs-Restaurants-Wood Fired Pizza Bars.

Delivery can be arranged Nationwide.
If you book a delivery please insure that there is sufficient access to complete the delivery and that there is someone at your home of business premises at delivery time.
Our logs are all dried hardwood.
Logs are all 25cm & 40cm approx. in length. Moisture content of less than 20 %.

Suitable for Wood Burning Stoves – Multi Fuel Stoves-Cookers and Open Fires.

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The Benefits of Dried Wood

The Benefits of Dried Wood.
It is by far the best value for money available. It is a sustainable and carbon neutral source of heat.
Long lasting heat and energy value.
Reduces ash and emissions.
Improves storage capability (no mould or degrading).

To run a modern stove efficiently and with fewer maintenance issues the wood must be dry.
If the wood is not dry you get a degrading of combustion efficiency which means your fire produces a dense pall of smoke containing unburned tars and creosotes.
A persons natural response is to over run the stove which increases heat loss up the chimney hense only purchase dried hardwood logs from a reliable source.

Suitable for Wood Burning Stoves – Multi Fuel
Stoves-Cookers and Open Fires

We also Stock

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